Django Boston – User Authentication

Last night was my first Django Boston meetup. Max Uhlenhuth, one of the organizers, greeted me as I arrived. We chatted for a bit before the talks started. First up: Eddy Wong, CTO of Wanderu (who provided the space and bought pizza), gave a brief presentation about his company, their adventure to SXSW, and their technology stack.

The main talk followed with Ted Teiken, co-founder of SittingAround. He gave a very effective presentation on a number of topics related to user registration and user management with Django, whether site local or through a social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter. Ted described the capabilities that Django provides, and what it leaves to the developer. He then went over a number of apps to provide the missing functionality. Conclusion: try out django-allauth. It handles local and social authentication in one package, has reasonable defaults, and takes a minimum of effort to stand-up. The flip side is that it is an maturing tool, but not yet mature. If you need more mature tools, then Ted recommends a combination of django-registration and django-social-auth to get much of what you need done, albeit with significantly more plumbing work on the developer’s part. So now I’ve got something new to explore.

After the talk we moved on to “Howl at the Moon” around the corner, where Kryuus bought the first round (Thanks!). I chatted with some of the Django Boston folks there for a while. I have to say I learned a good deal, reinforced some assumptions I have, and had a great overall experience. I look forward to the next meetup.

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